Onsite Registration/Check In/Pre-Registration

What are the dates for the next Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally?

In 2021 the rally is June 10 – 13. The rally is scheduled for the second Thursday in June.

How much is it to register for the 4-Day Pass?

The 4-Day Rally Pass costs $149.00

Is the registration fee per person or per bike?

All registration fees are per person and are good for the duration of the event (June 10th – 13th 2021).

When will my tickets be mailed to me?

All tickets are available online or at the door.  All registration tickets must be printed or presented on a mobile phone that are purchased online.

All registration tickets are available to print online. To print your tickets just follow these simple instructions.
1. Select Member Login at https://www.republicoftexasmotorcyclerally.com
2. Under My Dashboard, there is your account information Select the ‘My Account’ page
3. Click the “Orders” tab located in the navigation bar for your account.
4. Locate your ticket order and click on the “View Details” hyperlink associated with your ticket.
5. At the bottom of the details page, you will find a “Print Ticket” hyperlink. Click the hyperlink to download a .pdf version of your ticket. Print this document and any other tickets in the order! Or, you can select the “Send Ticket in Email” option.
NOTE: Only the first copy of the ticket presented at the rally will be honored.

Can I sell my ticket?

Yes. The tickets are not refundable. They may be passed on to anyone over 18. NOTE: Only the first copy of the ticket presented will be honored.

I haven’t received my wristband or t-shirt in the mail yet?

Wristbands and t-shirts are only available at the Rally in the Registration Area. You will get them when you check-in.

Can I get in on Thursday?

Yes. The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally starts on Thursday at 8:00AM.

What are the hours of operation?

The registration area in the north end of the gigantic Show Barn will be open from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM on Thursday to Saturday. If you arrive outside of those hours, you’ll be directed to the late night check-in. If you have already checked in and have a wristband, you are free to come and go as you please! Just don’t lose that wristband…! Please note: RVs must arrive before 8:00 pm in order to be parked. RVs arriving after 8:00 pm will not be allowed to enter the rally grounds until 8:00 am the following morning.

Can I park overnight in the registration parking lot if I arrive after 8 PM?

No. Due to the extended hours provided at the registration area, there will be no overnight parking or camping on any part of the rally premises by anyone who hasn’t already registered and received his or her wristband.

Do you take credit cards or checks at onsite registration?

We accept cash and credit cards only… NO CHECKS!

I’ve lost my  ticket, what do I do?

If you’ve have purchased a ticket, you are in our computer system and all you need is a photo ID to get into the rally. If you have your confirmation receipt or email, bring it with you to speed things along. Go to the Lost Ticket Table and the volunteers will take care of you. If you haven’t left for the rally yet, you can visit our website, log into your Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally account, select Orders, View Order Detail, select Print Ticket at the bottom of the page and reprint your ticket. You may also want to give us a call at 512-788-4533 and let us put a note on the ticket stating it has been lost and to verify your ID. NOTE: Only the first copy of the ticket presented will be honored.

The person I was to bring to the rally when I ordered my ticket will not be attending. How do I change the name to the person who will be using the ticket?

You can change the name on the ticket by logging into your ROTMR account, Go To My Account, select your ticket Order, View Order Detail, select Edit Alias Info, change the name and t-shirt size to be correct and reprint the ticket. After May 13th, you will not be allowed to change the t-shirt size on any ticket. NOTE: Only the first copy of the ticket presented will be honored.Duplicate Tickets? Duplicate tickets will not be honored. One ticket per registration, the first ticket through the scanner will receive access to the Rally and the FREE rally t-shirt. Please read the “Terms and Conditions” carefully and keep your ticket in a safe place.

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Day Passes

Can I buy a day pass?

YES! This year, we are offering a Thursday-only, Friday-only and Saturday-only Day Pass.  Pricing for day passes purchased online or at the door are as follows: Thursday Day Pass: $89, Friday Day Pass: $89, Saturday Day Pass: $89. A single-day pass instead provides restricted facilities access from 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. and only to designated areas, including concert, entertainment, exhibition, vendor, and food & beverage areas.

Can I spend the night if I buy a Day Pass?

No, camping and RV areas are not offered with a day pass.  Only 4 day passes include RV and camping areas and are adult only!

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What is considered an “RV” at The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally?

Bottom line, if you’re sleeping in it and it has wheels, then you’ve got yourself an RV. Everyone who falls into this description will be required to reserve an RV space prior to the rally. For latest information and maps click on the Hotels/RV button on the home page.

Who needs an RV space?

Anyone planning on camping in an RV (except campers pulled by a motorcycle) must have reserved an RV space and obtain a RV pass at registration check-in, in order to gain entrance to the rally RV grounds.

Are there any RV spaces that have electric hookups?

Yes, each year we add more electrical capacity and post the changes and additions on the website. Please check the RV lot maps for information on those with electric hookups. All power is 30 amp 120 volt. Please make sure that you have adequate extension cords (50 feet is recommended) to hook up to the power. 

Can I choose my RV space, or is it ‘first come, first served’?

Each year, on the website, we display maps of pre-numbered spaces in all RV lots. You have the ability to reserve the space of your choice in the numbered lots before you arrive at the rally. There is no need to be waiting in line for the gates to open.

How much is RV parking?

Prices vary based on the size, location and electric hook up availability, and start at $300 for the duration of the rally. The RV Reservation Fee includes two rally registrations. Click the Store/RV Spaces to view the locator maps and prices.

If I am unable to attend the rally, can I get a refund on my RV space?

We have a waitlist for people wanting to reserve RV space for the rally. If you notify us before April 01 and we are able to re-sell the space to the next person on the list, we will give a refund of the space fee less a $25 handling charge for each space.

Does my RV Reservation cover my registration fees?

Each RV space reservation includes two rally registrations at no additional charge. If more than two rally registrations per space are required, they may be purchased online or at the rally.

What RV camping information will I receive before the rally, and when should I expect it?

An order confirmation e-mail with an order reference number will be forwarded to you at the completion of the RV reservation transaction. You will be required to bring a ticket with you to claim your RV space.  This ticket is printed from your order following the instructions below. You will not receive anything in the mail.
1. Log in at https://www.republicoftexasmotorcyclerally.com
2. Go to your account page
3. Click the “orders” tab located in the navigation bar for your account.
4. Locate your RV order and click on the “View Details” hyperlink associated with your order.
5. At the bottom of the details page, you will find a “Print Ticket” hyperlinks for your RV and your tickets. Click the hyperlink next to the RV space to download a .pdf version of your ticket. Print this document and any other tickets in the order! NOTE: Be sure to update the name on the RV using the ‘edit’ function before printing if someone other than yourself will be bringing the RV to the rally.  Only the first copy of the ticket presented at the rally will be honored.

When can I arrive with an RV?

Due to the monster check-in of vendors on Wednesday, we anticipate being able to start processing RVs after 10:00 AM Wednesday. Please honor this time estimate closely, the number of vendors in the registration parking during the hours before 10 AM will be enormous. Help us meet the 10:00 AM check-in for RVs by arriving at 10:00 AM on Weds and not before. We thank you for your understanding in advance.

How late can I check in an RV at the rally?

RVs will be checked-in and parked from 10:00 AM until 8:00 pm on Wednesday, and 8:00 am until 8:00 pm on Thursday and Friday. Saturday we will stop parking RVs at 4:00 pm. PLEASE NOTE: RVs arriving after 8:00 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will not be admitted onto the grounds until 8:00 am the next morning. RV’s arriving after 4:00 pm on Saturday will not be allowed on the grounds.

Where can I park my RV?

There are multiple designated RV parking lots available for online reservation. ALL RVs MUST have a reserved space and obtain an RV pass in order to enter the rally grounds. Maps are available online and will also be included in the Rally Guide you will receive when you first arrive.

Where can I park other vehicles?

We will provide an area for parking for motorcycles, cars, trucks and trailers. See website maps for locations after January 1st each year.

What are some of the important things that I need to know about the RVs?

Everything must fit in the allotted spaces (campers, trailers, cars, trucks, canopies, motorcycles, etc.). For example, if you have reserved a 20 x 50-foot space, and your truck and trailer have an overall length of 52 feet, you must unhook and pull alongside (within the 20 x 50 space), or reserve a 20 x 80-foot space. We allow only one RV and one car or truck per RV space. If you have more than one car or truck, they will have to be parked in the South auto parking lot.
Upon departure, RV spaces must be free of trash or be subjected to a cleanup fee.

Is there a dump station for my RV?

No, there is no dump station available. We suggest that you arrive with empty holding tanks and full water. In addition, a vendor will be on the grounds between 9 am and 5 pm to provide holding tank servicing, as well as bulk water delivery for a fee. A contact number will be printed on the back of your RV Hanger to arrange service. Trucks will be roaming through the RV lots, you can also wave them down.

Will fresh water be available?

Valet holding tank and fresh water servicing are available. A vendor is on site between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm to service RVs, for a fee. A contact number will be printed on the back of your RV Hanger to arrange service.  You may also look for the water trucks driving through the lots and wave them down. We suggest that you arrive with empty holding tank and full water.

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Age Rules

Are teens 13+ allowed at your event?

You may purchase day passes ONLY for anyone thirteen and over (13+).  No persons under 18 years of age will be admitted to the event unless accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Under 18 years of age day pass holders are only allowed in designated areas, and are not allowed in the RV, campgrounds or parade routes.  Anyone under 13 years of age are expressly prohibited entry to the event.

Can my teen camp with me in the camping areas?

No, camping and RV areas are not offered with a day pass.  A minor must purchase a day pass and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and will not be admitted to adult only camping and RV areas. All rules for day pass holders will be strictly enforced.

Why are you changing the age limit to 13 & up?

We’ve had many requests throughout the years from parents wanting to bring their teenagers out to see the motorcycles, attractions, vendors, racing and concerts. 

Will my teenager be eligible to compete in the races?

Yes, we plan 2 types of races, more to come.

What if I am of legal age (18 or up) and have purchased a day pass, will I be allowed in the RV and Camping areas?

NO. You will need to upgrade your ticket to a 4-Day Pass.

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Traffic Rules and Questions

Where can I park my car or truck?

Non-campers must park in designated parking lots only, and all non-camper cars and trucks will be directed to parking lots and kept off the main road. Tent Campers are allowed one vehicle pass per campsite (for a fee of $20) if you plan to park your vehicle by your campsite. Otherwise, you can park in the South auto parking lot. All vehicles without a parking pass on the campgrounds will be towed at the owner’s expense. The Campers Vehicle Parking Pass is available for purchase at Registration. Motorcycles are free to park on the campsite at any time! RV campers: all licensed vehicles that do not fit into the allotted RV space must be parked in a designated parking area.

What times will the main gates to the rally be open?

All three gates will be open 24 hours a day starting Thursday at 8:00 AM for your convenience. Please note that Gates 2 & 3 are for exit only.

How will you keep the traffic moving and not bunching up?

We have substantially increased the number of traffic officers for safety, to keep traffic moving and to keep roadways clear. This is an item that is watched closely by the rally staff.

If I have an ATV or four-wheeler can I bring it to the rally?

All UTVs, ATVs and four-wheelers are not allowed. NO double deck vehicles of any type are allowed. Only golf carts and motorcycles are allowed.  See the complete guidelines at the Golf Carts page.

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General Questions

Is The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally a Harley-only event?

NO! The Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally is wide open to ALL bikes and bikers, just like Sturgis, Daytona, etc. Everybody’s welcome.

Where in Austin is The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally held, and how do I get to it?

The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally is always held at the Travis County Exposition Center (7311 Decker Lane, Austin, Texas 78724) on the east edge of Austin. The Expo Center is easy to get to even if you’re not familiar with Austin. From the major intersection of I-35 and US 290 East in north Austin, go six miles east on 290 until you come to a stop light at the intersection of 290 and Decker Lane (FM 3177). Turn right (south) onto Decker Lane and go three miles to the front gate of the Expo Center (on your left). For more information go to Driving Directions page.

What’s with the processing fee for credit cards registration fees online?

E-commerce is not really expensive, but it’s not exactly free either. You’re more than welcome to avoid the processing fee by sending in your pre-registration form via US mail.

How can I get on your E-newsletter list or mailing list?

Click SIGN UP NOW or on the home page, and check the box you agree to receive The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally E-Newsletters! If you are already a member you can check your account by looking at My Account, Profile, Personal Information. If you want to be on the snail mail list for brochures, please use our Contact Us page to request inclusion.

Can I come in a car?

Yes, but unless you are camping and have a camping car pass, you will need to park in the remote (South auto) parking lot and ride the free tram. You can purchase a camping car in the registration area after you check in.

Where do I register my golf cart?

You will register your golf cart at the rally in the registration area after you check in.  If you also have an RV to check in, the golf cart registration can be completed in the same line.

Why is the sky blue?

We’re just not rightly sure.

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Bike Show Questions

How much does it cost to enter the bike show?

Entering the bike show is free to anyone who has registered for the rally.

When is the bike show judging and when will the winners be announced?

Judging is from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM Saturday: Winners will be announced immediately afterward.

Do you give prizes to the winners of the bike show?

Yes. All bike show winners will receive trophies.

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Texas MC Laws

What Texas motorcycle laws should I be aware of?

  • A DOT approved helmet is required for all motorcyclists. An exception to this stipulation allows anyone at least 21 years old not to wear a helmet if they have successfully completed a motorcycle operator training and safety course or they are covered by a health insurance plan providing at least $10,000 in medical benefits. You must carry proof of either if you decide to go lidless.
  • A Class M motorcycle endorsement must be a part of your driver’s license.
  • Vehicle insurance and an inspection sticker are also required. It’s never a bad idea to carry a copy of your registration.
  • A horn and one mirror are mandatory. At least one headlight must be illuminated at all times during operation unless the bike was manufactured prior to 1975. The bike must have both an operating taillight and brake light.
  • Both side-mounted or vertical side-mounted license plate tags are acceptable.
  • Burnouts, wheelies and other “stunts” will not be tolerated on any Austin city street. There is a time and place for that behavior and downtown is not it. The Austin PD is biker friendly (especially during The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally), but if you insist on acting like a jerk, they will respect your wishes and treat you like one.

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Motorcycle Poker Run

What happened to the poker run?

Beginning in 2006, the State of Texas Attorney General decreed that poker runs were illegal gambling and banned them in the State of Texas. The Rally Committee has continually attempted to get his decision reversed, but as of this writing, we have not been successful.

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How early can I sign up to be a vendor at The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally?

We usually send out the vendor info literature for the following year’s rally before the end of December. If you want to be added to our mailing list, visit our contact us page and give us your email or postal mailing address. You can also find our vendor info elsewhere on this website. Please be advised that all available vendor spaces are first come, first served.

I want to be a vendor at The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally. Are there any goods or services that are not allowed for sale there?

For one good reason or another, we can not allow vendors to sell guns (but knives are okay), tobacco, or beverages of any kind (including ice).

Is there a list of vendors?

The Vendors page on our website there is a link to the list. There are also floor-plans displaying the location of the confirmed vendors.  For more information go to the Vendors page.

What is the “Bud Zone”?

The Bud Zone is our newest bar and is located where the “Paradise Bar” has been in the years past.  Check-out the 2016 Bud Zone line-up here!

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Church Services

Are there any worship services planned?

Yes, on Sunday at 9:00 AM, worship services will be conducted the Christian Motorcyclists Association in the South end of the Covered Vendor Mall.

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How much is tent camping?

Tent Camping is FREE, but if you would like to park your vehicle (car or truck) by your campsite there will be a $20 parking pass you will need to purchase at Registration. If your vehicle does not display a campers parking pass it will be towed at your expense. Vehicles can park in the designated auto parking lots at any time! There is no charge for motorcycle parking at your campsite.

Where can I camp?

Anywhere out of the way of the crowds and the vendors. The Expo Center has cleared additional camping areas on the hills overlooking nearby Decker Lake. Feel free to get out there in the trees and pitch your tents. Please do not drag any Port-a-Potties into the trees, because they will not be serviced there; they have to stay close to the roads. Please leave your campsites free of trash upon departure.

Can I park my motorcycle trailer in the tent camping area next to my campsite?

So far, the Parks Department has allowed cars and trucks with small trailers (14 ft. or less) into the tent camping area with a paid parking permit. All cars/trucks are required to purchase a vehicle parking pass if you plan to park your vehicle near your tent. Trailers longer than 14 ft., up to 20 ft. may be parked in one of the free trailer drops, or in an RV reserved space. Trailers in excess of 20 ft. require an RV space, or a special permit in order to gain access to the rally grounds. Parking passes may be purchased at the time your check in and get your wristband.

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