The Rally Midway is the epicenter of the event. Music performances from the Midway stage will be happening all day long each day of the rally capped off each evening by headliners like Ray Wylie Hubbard, X and Foghat on the Main Stage.

The Midway will also feature attractions like the The XDL Wheelie Experience and Trials Riding, The Derwood Invitational Builders Show,  Ives Brothers Wall of Death and Ball of Steel, Tons of Vendors, local food trucks, and The Peace Love Happiness village.

The Main Stage

Enjoy everything from classic rock to alternative punk on the main stage. Performances all day long for the entire rally capped off each night by our Main Stage headliners.


The 2nd Annual Derwood Invitational Builder Show will be an eclectic mix of motorcycles and builders from across the country. The show will feature invited builders and their bikes from all genres of motorcycles. Join us and see some of the most influential bikes that inspire us and meet the good folks that created them. Located on the Rally Midway.

Ives Brothers Stunt Shows

Death defying stunts will happen on the Rally Midway. We are excited to announce that The Ives Brothers will be with us for the 2022 rally. The Wall of Death and Ball of Steel shows will be happening each day on the Midway. Stay tuned for the schedule.


XDL Wheelie Experience

The XDL Wheelie Experience is an interactive feature that gives any rider the experience of what it’s like to ride a wheelie! Our world class instructors will guide you through our two machines as we teach you the ways to master the wheelie. Our introductory machine gives you the feeling of hosting a wheel in the air. All you have to do is hold on and twist the throttle, the machine does the rest.  Next we put you on our Live Action machine where you get to control the throttle and the brakes on a real running Electric powered Zero FXS to balance the bike on one wheel!


XDL presents The Moto Motion FREESTYLE TOUR, a one-of-a-kind performance featuring lively stunt shows performed on trials style motorcycles. Mixing extreme stunts into entertaining shows you couldn’t find anywhere else! This show features lightweight, agile dirt bikes performing a 20-minute show featuring wheelies, nose wheelies, riding on huge obstacles, crowd interaction, and incredible backflips – all on our custom portable ramp system!


The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally is proud to announce that we will be hosting The Peace Love Happiness Charity Ride at this year’s rally. Stop by the PLH Village on the Rally Midway to hang out with the PLH crew and get ready for the ride!


Local flavor abounds on the rally midway with some of Austin’s best food trucks. From Tex-Mex to BBQ, there will be something for everybody to enjoy at the rally. Grab something good to eat, head over to the Biergarten for a cold one, settle in and enjoy the show.


From installations and parts to the latest gear, you’ll find the vendors at the rally have something for everyone. Located in the center of the rally midway all rally long.