Camping At The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally

Camping Options

Each year more and more folks are showing up with their tents to enjoy The Republic Of Texas Motorcycle Rally camping experience firsthand. The rally grounds consist of over 200 acres of land, a good deal of which is available for tent camping; as always, there will be plenty of free camping. While the tent camping is primitive, cold water shower stalls are located in the Covered Vendor Mall. In addition, an on-site vendor provides trailers with hot water showers for a nominal fee, payable by the soak or for the entire rally.

There’s no additional charge for tent camping, however, if you wish to park your car or truck next to your tent, you must purchase and display a vehicle parking pass (Camper Parking Pass). The parking pass allows in and out privileges and is available in the Registration area for a one-time fee of $20 per vehicle. Motorcycles are not required to have a parking pass. If you don’t need a car or truck at your campsite, we have plenty of parking available in the South Auto parking lot. Motorcycle trailers may also be parked at campsites in the tent camping area provided they are less than 14 feet in length and are pulled by a car or truck with a Camper Parking Pass. Motorcycle trailers longer than 14 feet but less than 20 feet may be parked on one of the free Trailer Drop areas; trailers longer than 20 feet require an RV space reservation.

Due to the congestion of traffic at night, all car and truck traffic will be restricted from the main road from 9:00pm until 2:00am Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. All car and truck traffic entering the rally grounds will be routed into the Auto Parking Lot during these hours, whether they have a parking sticker or not. When setting up a campsite for a group or club, we ask that you be considerate of your fellow campers; take only the space you require and do not limit access to other camping areas. Because Travis County will be mowing the grounds up until the time we open the gates, any tape or other boundary markers set up in the camping area prior to the official start of the rally are not permitted and will be removed. The Travis County Fire Marshal does not allow campfires or open ground fires of any kind on the rally grounds. Tent campers may begin early check-in between the hours of 10am and 8pm on Wednesday.