Premium RV Lot

Premium RV Lot

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Additional 4-Day Pass | $119.00
RV Overflow Car Parking | $35.00
Golf Cart Registration | $250.00

All RV spaces include (2) 4-Day Rally Passes. Our Premium RV spaces are in our Premium RV Lot (Q). Premium RV spaces include (1) 50AMP service hook up and are 20”x 50” ($1,200.00) lot sizes. Premium RV Spaces also include the use of private shower and bathroom facilities located in the Premium RV lot.

Rally credentials and check-in instructions will be mailed via certified mail 45 days in advance of the event

RV Space Reservations; Assignment & Cancellation

Purchased RV Space Reservations include two non-refundable 4-day adult tickets for individual Event admission, which are subject to ticket refund policies specified in Refunds and Exchanges; Cancellation or Postponement on our Terms and Conditions page.

Purchased RV Space Reservations are assignable in advance of admission but may not be sold above face value. Violation of this policy may subject the RV Space Reservation to immediate cancellation and Event Provider may, in its sole discretion, refuse to honor pending and future RV Space Reservation purchases by the violator(s). In the event of assignment, assignor and assignee are responsible for updating and informing Event Provider in writing in advance of the Event of the name of the new assignee-holder of the RV Space Reservation and transferring to that person the RV Space Reservation voucher and all other relevant information originally issued in connection with the RV Space Reservation. Denial or delay of entry may result from the failure to do so or if the name on the RV Space Reservation voucher does not match a valid government-issued photo I.D. for the person claiming the reserved RV space at the Event.

Purchased RV Space Reservations are cancellable on purchaser’s written request by letter or e-mail directed to and received by Event Provider prior to April 1st, subject to Event Provider’s ability to resell that RV Space Reservation prior to the Event. If the cancelled RV Space Reservation is re-sold by Event Provider, the original purchaser will be reimbursed their paid RV Space Reservation fee less (i) a $25 handling fee per RV space cancelled, (ii) any prior service or delivery fees, (iii) any discount incurred upon resale, and (iv) the face value of the two individual admission tickets included with the RV Space Reservation package. No refunds will be made for RV Space Reservation cancellation requests received after April 1st. Any applicable refund will be credited only after RV spaces subject to that RV Space Reservation have been successfully re-sold and, in Event Provider’s sole discretion, issuance of any refunds may be deferred until fifteen (15) business days following the conclusion of the Event.