Texas Rollergirls – Thunderdome

Formed in 2003 as the only sports league of its kind, Texas Rollergirls Rock-n-Rollerderby® started today’s Flat Track Derby movement. There are now more than 300 Flat Track Derby leagues worldwide, with more forming every week. In its current incarnation, Roller Derby is a genuine athletic competition complete with well-defined rules, divisions, tournaments, and a governing body: the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

The Texas Rollergirls, Austin born and bred, is 100% skater-owned and managed. The league is composed of four home teams supported by a loyal, enthusiastic fan base: Hell Marys, Hotrod Honeys, Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, and Hustlers. A fifth team, the Texecutioners, is comprised of all-star members from each of the four home teams. In 2006, the Texecutioners were crowned the WFTDA Champions of the first Flat Track National Tournament. In 2012, Texas Rollergirls added a B-Team, the Firing Squad. This team is comprised of skaters from each of the four home teams who want to play at a higher level of competition, and who have their eyes set on one day skating for the all-star Texecutioners.

In 2013, Texas Rollergirls was able to secure their own home practice facility, lovingly referred to as “The BloodShed”. The “Shed” serves as the home-base for all of the Texas Rollergirls programs, including premier league, rec league and junior league. In 2015, the Shed will host three of the Texas Rollergirls home season bouts. While the Shed’s fan capacity is significantly less than the Austin Convention Center’s, the up-close-and-personal feel of bouts at the Shed add to the fans’ roller derby experience, creating a more intimate event for the skaters and fans alike. Regular season bouts are also held at The Austin Convention Center, hosting sell-out, capacity crowds of 2,500 fans. In addition to regular season bouts, the Texas Rollergirls also skate in exhibition games and interstate competitions and are available for public appearances.

Austin Texas Rollergirls Inc, Rock’n’Rollerderby®, dba Texas Rollergirls, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity amateur sports organization dedicated to playing and promoting the sport of Women’s Flat Track Derby. We provide superior athleticism every time we play and are committed to introducing new fans to our revolutionary sport.

We fulfill our mission by abiding by the following core values:

– We ensure that skaters are represented in management and at all levels of governing. Our organization coined the statement “by the skaters, for the skaters” in 2003, and we continue to skate or die by that mantra.

– We value the contributions of each of our members, on and off the track. We share a mutual respect for each other, along with a commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity in all we do and say.

– We provide our fans with superior amateur sports athleticism in a clean, secure, and comfortable environment. We involve our guests as active participants elevating them above spectators to members of our community.

– We are active participants in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and consider other Flat Track leagues as vital a part of our community as our members, sponsors, and fans.

– We make our community a better place to live through our support of worthy social causes.

– We support our derby family of sponsors by promoting their businesses, helping to build their brands, and combining their customer base with ours.

The Texas Rollergirls are proactive in carrying out our mission, and we hold ourselves accountable to each other, to our fans, to our sponsors, and to the whole of the Derby community.

And always… we love you ’til it hurts.