Is ROT Rally being forced out of Austin?!? We need your help to stop that from happening.

On Tuesday September 25th, the Travis County Commissioners Court will decide whether to turn the Travis County Expo Center into a tax processing office for the whole summer of 2019 and prevent ROT Rally® from returning for its 25th year in Austin, Texas in 2019. If the Commissioners follow the Expo Center staff’s ill-conceived recommendation, ROT Rally and other large-scale festivals and events cannot use the Expo Center for any of the prime 2019 summer festival season, depriving the public and you ROT Rally-ers of these great events and local businesses of the tens of millions of dollars and the hundreds of thousands of patrons these events bring them every year.

For 6 months, we at the ROT Rally have made good faith efforts to secure from Expo Center staff our regular June festival dates for 2019 and beyond. So it was a huge surprise to hear a few days ago from our friends at the Texas Heat Wave festival that Expo staff were instead orchestrating to lease out the facility for those dates (and their dates) and without even contacting us slyly submit an under-the-radar agenda item to County Commissioners that blocks ROT from using the Expo Center. We’re sure all of you in the ROT Rally nation are just as shocked as us.

The ROT Rally is still holding out hope that County Commissioners don’t get misled into going down this path by Expo Center staff and that things get back on course for continuing to hold the ROT Rally in Austin at the Expo Center. But we urgently need your help.

How You Can Help!
There are several immediate actions that you can take now to help show support to keep the ROT Rally in Austin and at the Travis County Expo Center including:
• Call or e-mail the elected officials listed below
• Tweet or retweet the below message on your Twitter page and post it on other social media
• Share this information with your friends, contacts, other concerned citizens, and the media
Below is pre-drafted text that you can choose to use for your communications or create your own. We appreciate your support! We started in Austin and hope to be here for a long time in the future! #SaveROTRally

Suggested Tweet or Retweet here.
DON’T FORCE ROT OUT OF AUSTIN!! @ROTRally brings fun and $40M/yr economic benefit to @AustinTexasgov & @TravisCountyTx. So why is Travis County Expo staff trying to ban ROT and misleading officials to do so? #SaveROTRally

Suggested Email Language:
Dear Travis County Commissioner, I support the ROT Rally and understand that the Travis County Commissioners Court will meet on September 25th to decide whether to enter into a lease that would prevent the ROT Rally® from returning to the Travis County Exposition Center for its 25th year in Austin, Texas in 2019. Please DO NOT LET THIS VOTE PASS and vote NO on Agenda Item #26. The Expo Center should be used for large-scale events, not as a tax processing office. The ROT Rally is an economic driver for local businesses, bringing an estimated $40M economic impact to the County and the city of Austin during the 4-day festival. The ROT Rally is an iconic Austin original and for 25 years has loyally brought the region the best in motorcycle and music entertainment. Please vote no to approving the TCAD lease agreement. #SaveROTRally

Officials’ Contact Information:
County Judge: Judge Sarah Eckhardt | Phone: (512)854-9555 | Email: Sarah.Eckhardt@traviscountytx.gov | Twitter: @JudgeEckhardt
Precinct One: Jeffrey W. Travillion, Sr. | Phone: (512)854-9111 | Email: Jeffrey.Travillion@traviscountytx.gov
Precinct Two: Brigid Shea | Phone: (512)854-9222 | Email: Brigid.Shea@traviscountytx.gov | Twitter: @commish_Shea
Precinct Three: Gerald Daugherty | Phone: (512)854-9333 | Email: Gerald.Daugherty@traviscountytx.gov
Precinct Four: Margaret Gómez | Phone: (512)854-9444 | Email: Margaret.Gomez@traviscountytx.gov | Twitter: @Gomez4Precinct4
Mayor Steve Adler | Phone: (512)978-2100 | Twitter: @MayorAdler
Senator Kirk Watson | Phone: (512)463-0114 | Twitter: @KirkPWatson