Ducati’s 2017 XDiavel Xperience at the Rally this Year

The XDiavel Xperience  is cruising into the Rally this year as part of a North American Tour.  This will be your chance to swing a leg over the new Bologna-bred cruiser.  Each day we will offer test ride events where you can experience the new XDiavel. The XDiavel 80×40 display will feature events and demos all rally long. Come out and meet the CEO of Northern America and designers  that are coming in from Italy.

The XDiavel boasts the design, technical content and performance that is typical of Ducati bikes. The XDiavel is “low speed excitement”, where the relaxed low-speed riding is typical of the cruiser world, while the excitement and adrenalin of sports riding is unmistakeably Ducati. The X in XDiavel represents precisely that: Two apparently different, distant worlds that come together in one unique bike, a synthesis in which both are complete, without compromise. 

Check out the videos (above and below) and learn more about the tour here!